Top 5 Spring + Summer Must Haves for Women

Top 5 Spring + Summer Must Haves for Women
Spring is around the corner and that means colorful T-shirts, open toe shoes and no more jackets! But almost every year, fashion lovers across the globe find themselves facing the same dilemma — shopping for the hottest pieces without filling their closet with more trendy but single-season items.

We get it, shopping is fun. However, continuously purchasing items that are cheaply made and don’t stay in fashion for more than a few months is not only bad for your wallet, but also bad for the environment. The solution is to consider what essentials you really need and only buy those.

Here’s our list for what’s new and worth the splurge this spring — these essentials can be paired with existing items in your wardrobe to level up your outfits without breaking the bank.

1. White button up shirt

Silk White Shirt Long Sleeve

Starting off with the most timeless wardrobe essential — the white button up shirt. It’s universal and classy, and that’s what makes it essential. It’s easy to choose the first white shirt you see, but consider the material you’re looking for. Cotton is great for summer while silk is ideal for cooler spring nights.

A white button up shirt looks fantastic with a pair of jeans or wide leg trousers, but can also be fully buttoned and worn as a shirt dress. To elevate your look, choose a pair of strappy heels, and for casual looks opt for sneakers and jean shorts.

2. Wide leg pants

Wide Leg Pants

Chances are every time you’ve seen a pair of wide leg pants you thought “those are CUTE!” right? Wide leg pants look different on various body types, so to choose the most flattering shape, consider your height. If you’re tall, full-length wide leg pants are ideal. However, if you’re a little shorter or average height, cropped wide leg pants will accentuate your figure.

Keep in mind that pants come in a variety of materials and patterns, so don’t be scared to get creative! If you prefer plain essentials, pair your pants with funky tank tops, an oversized T-shirt or a button up shirt.


3. Bold pieces

Bold Accessories Rihanna Trendy Sunglasses

Does the word “bold” send shivers up your spine? If so, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone because bold pieces are in! Orange, yellow, green, blue and pink are all acceptable spring and summer colors for accessories. Bold accessories can elevate your outfit with minimal effort, and that’s what spring is for. Our favorite accessories are belts, sunglasses, bags and watches, but you can also shop for bold shoes, earrings and scarves.


4. Platform pumps

Okay, we know these look a little scary but they’re surprisingly comfortable to walk in. That said, platform pumps are here to stay, and they’re pretty versatile.

Latex platform pumps in black or nude are excellent for date night, satin colors like blue or pink can be worn to brunch and chunky platform pumps give you a classic night out look.

If you have to go back to the office, try pairing your trousers with all black platform wedges and a chiffon blouse.

Wherever you’re going this spring, we hope you find a reason to wear a pair of platform pumps.


5. Sun dress

We suspect this is where you love to splurge, because we definitely feel the same way.

Sundresses come in every shape, size and form — bodycon, maxi-length and mini dresses are the most popular styles for sundresses.

However, this year you can switch things up with a patterned sundress that accentuates your figure. Just look for a cinched waist or open back and add some height with a pair of mules.

The important thing to remember with sundresses is that you only need a few. They’re fairly easy to dress up or down, so stick to the minimalistic colors and only splurge on fun patterns when you really love it.

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