How to Find A Good Clothing Tailor

How to Find A Good Clothing Tailor

How is it that we can know our exact clothing size, but yet clothing from different stores will fit us differently?

Most clothing brands tend to make clothing that fits tall and slim people best, and this can be frustrating for people who have different body sizes than what’s available in stores. This is where you might consider finding a good tailor, and for good reason.
Yes, a good tailor will adjust your clothing to fit you better so that you look and feel your best, but there are many other factors to consider before choosing a tailor.
When it’s time to find a new tailor, these are the four best signs to look for.
1. Ask Your Network

Start by asking your friends or local menswear stores for tailor recommendations. They usually have better insight than online reviewers, and you’re more likely to trust a referral from a friend. Of course, if your friends don’t have tailors then you can also turn to Yelp and Google to read reviews. Just remember to use discretion – some people will leave negative reviews over very trivial matters, so use your best judgement before making a few calls.

2. Test Them Over the Phone

If you can, call the potential tailor to ask if they can shorten a jacket sleeve from the shoulder. This is one of the more difficult alterations, and a good way to tell apart a seamster and a tailor. Even if you don’t have a jacket that needs to be shortened from the shoulder, you should still ask this question. If you get a yes, it’s more likely that you are speaking to a great tailor.

3. Visit the Store

Would you be happy to find out some of your clothes have been thrown on a dirty floor? Always ensure you pay a visit to the tailor to determine their level of cleanliness and professionalism. A sign of a good tailor is a neat and clean store – plus you’ll feel more comfortable knowing your clothes won’t get dirty or damaged.

4. Check Their Work

If the space is clean, go in and ask to see something they just altered. It might seem fussy, but a good tailor should be proud of their work. See if they leave loose threads or if the finished product is tidy.

Those are our four best tips for finding a great tailor! But once you’ve found one, it’s now time to test them out. Give them an item of clothing you don’t mind ruining – just in case. If they’re a truly passionate tailor, they’ll notice how everything else fits — not just what you asked to be altered. In fact, a good sign is if the tailor recommends more alterations.

They should take in the rise of your pants, adjust the shoulders on your shirts where the seam is on your shoulder bone, which in turn helps the sleeve length, and move your cuff buttons to make your shirt cuffs more comfortable. Only the best tailors will notice wrinkles in the back of your jacket and know how to alter the fabric so it drapes properly on your body.

If you’re happy with the results of your test, it’s finally time to start building a relationship with your tailor. As you keep working with your tailor, they’re going to become more familiar with your sizing and become more efficient at making your alterations.

But pay attention to how your relationship develops. Do they remember your name? Do they remember your style preferences or do they just push what they think looks proper? This will help you feel reassured that your tailor cares and values your business, and reduce the chances of your clothing getting ruined by careless tailoring.

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